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The first step in any good skincare routine starts with an excellent moisturizing product. The anti-aging effects of keeping your skin moisturized and well hydrated are well known. However, your average moisturizer may be missing the crucial ingredient to prevent dehydrated and aging skin. The mystery ingredient? Hyaluronic acid.

What Is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a molecule that is produced naturally by your body. It is found mostly in your skin and joints and keeps your joints lubricated and moving smoothly while allowing your skin to retain water and remain plump and hydrated.  Beyond just maintaining the moisture in our skin and joints, hyaluronic acid prevents this water from evaporating and leaving our skin dehydrated.

Unfortunately, as with collagen and elastin, our bodies begin producing less hyaluronic acid as we age, leading to wrinkles and sagging skin. To supplement this dwindling production of hyaluronic acid, many people have turned to taking supplementary hyaluronic acid, reducing signs of aging and hydrating the skin. There is a wide range of supplementary hyaluronic acid products available, which you can use to help keep your skin looking young and hydrated.

Hyaluronic acid Supplements

Ingesting supplementary hyaluronic acid in some form has been proven to reduce signs of aging. Hyaluronic acid supplements are available in various forms, ranging from capsules taken orally to injections to creams applied directly to the skin. However, there are risks and side effects involved with ingesting hyaluronic acid both orally and via injection. Some of these side effects include dizziness, headaches, or itching. Additionally, orally ingesting hyaluronic acid may cause allergic reactions in those allergic to chicken feathers, protein, or eggs and should be avoided by people with a medical history of cancer.

The safest way of using hyaluronic acid to reduce signs of aging is to apply it topically to the skin. This reduces the risk of possible side effects or allergic reactions. Additionally, allowing the hyaluronic acid to sit on the skin and slowly absorb will ensure it is adequately absorbed into the skin. Most hyaluronic acid products combine the anti-aging effects of hyaluronic acid with other active ingredients beneficial to the skin. Additionally, most hyaluronic acid products contain a high water concentration, which helps bind the acid to the skin and ensures that you get maximum results.

At Obey, we understand the many benefits hyaluronic acid can bring to your skin, and have integrated it into many of our premium anti-aging skincare products. Among our most popular products, containing hyaluronic acid is our Mineral Gold Foaming Mask, which combines hyaluronic acid benefits with natural ingredients known for their powerful hydrating effects, including green tea chamomile and jojoba oils. Another one of our top-rated products, which contains hyaluronic acid, is our Bright-Intensive Anti Pigmentation Cream. Blending the anti-aging effects of hyaluronic acid with potent healing ingredients, this cream helps clear up sun damage and erases dark spots and blemishes, leaving your skin looking rejuvenated and refreshed.  

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