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Skincare Sets for women

Skincare Sets aren’t just for the holidays and here's why

The OYB team breaks down the big advantages of going for a skin-focused gift set and what you should look for when picking one out


When looking for a birthday or holiday gift, it’s hard to go wrong with a skincare set. You might not be completely sure whether your friend or colleague enjoys wine, cheese, sports, or books, but everyone appreciates adding a little pampering care to their daily routine.


Skincare sets also make it especially easy to start a whole new regimen without having to invest time selecting each individual product. You can even find sets dedicated to just about any specific need, like a skincare set for women, skincare set for oily skin, an overnight anti-aging routine, or a travel kit for men on the go.


That brings us to a very important point. Did you know you can also get skincare sets… for yourself?


It might sound obvious, but many of us tend to think of sets as something we only give others, when in fact they can be a great-value, super-convenient gift to ourselves too. Read on to discover the OYB team’s top tips for the best skincare sets that will suit any need.

Best Sets for Daily Essentials

If you’re refreshing your skincare routine or have decided now is the time to give your skin some extra TLC, a good essentials set like the Silver Daily Routine Set or Minereaux Daily Skin Care Routine Set gives you an excellent foundation.


Both of these sets provide you with the basics – daily moisturizer, night cream, and serum – without actually being basic. The three products in each set are also specifically designed to work together, so you’re getting a truly comprehensive, 24/7 skincare experience. These daily sets are great all-rounders and suit all skin types. If you’re an OYB newbie, they’re also a wonderful introduction to two of our most popular collections.

Best Sets for Eye Care

Our eyes put up with a lot. The eye area is also one of the most delicate, meaning it is more easily prone to irritation and wrinkles, and quickly leaves us looking fatigued, with dark circles and under-eye bags. That’s why it can be a great option to go for a set that focuses on this special zone, like our Mineraux Eye Care Set or Silver Eye Care Set.


These sets deliver targeted care to the eye zone, offering not only immediate freshness and moisture to help reduce a dull, puffy look, but also lasting hydration and correction for the whole eye contour. This can really make a difference over time!

Best Sets for Exfoliation

Every skin type can benefit from regular deep cleansing, courtesy of specialist exfoliation sets, such as the Silver Exfoliating & Nourishing Set or Mineraux Exfoliating & Nourishing Set. The big advantage to these sets is that they don’t only focus on the exfoliation itself, through a gentle peeling gel, but also give you total round-the-clock care with day and night creams formulated to maximize the results.

Best Sets for Skin Radiance

It’s easy for your skin’s natural beauty to get buried under a build-up of dead cells, makeup residue, and the harsh effects of an urban environment. Set that radiance free with Mineraux Purifying & Nourishing Set or Silver Purifying & Nourishing Set, twinning wonderful moisturizing day creams with exceptionally pampering masks. It’s the ideal combination of targeted skin treatment and long-term protection.


So there’s only one question left: which skincare set will you go for? We can’t wait to find out!


Love, the OYB Team

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