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Mineraux Purifying & Nourishing Set

Intense Purifying Effect & Outdoor-Rays Protection Moisturiser in a 2-
piece set


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Indulge in two of Obey Your Body most-loved treatments with this
Mineraux Purifying & Nourishing Set in a luxe-ready-to-go bag.
The set is comprised of a cleansing face mask with a vital purifying
effect & a deeply nourishing face cream with UV protection added.


How to Use

For glowing results, apply your regimen in the following order:
Massage a generous layer of the Mineral Charcoal Mask over slightly
damp skin for one minute. Leave for 5-7 minutes, & then massage &
rinse off.
Smooth on the Replenishing Daily Moisture Sunscreen Cream as
desired throughout the day.


Mineral Charcoal Mask

This cleansing face mask provides the skin with a major makeover by
exfoliating & drawing out impurities, reducing inflammation in
blemish-prone skin, speeding up cell renewal & promoting healing.
The antioxidant properties provides protection & strengthens the
skin’s barrier.

Replenishing Daily Moisture Sunscreen Cream SPR-15

This nourishing face cream comes as an essential in your skincare
routine as it deeply hydrates & soothes. This Obey Your Body creation
neutralises UV rays, renews & heals sun damage, & helps clarify the


Exfoliates & draws out impurities l reduces inflammation l Hydrates &
restores the skin’s oil balance l l Protects from & Heals sun damage l
Speeds up cell renewal & promotes healing l Provides antioxidant
protection l Strengthen the skin’s barrier | Helps prevent breakouts


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Mineraux Purifying & Nourishing Set

326 228