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Radiant Diversity

A ground-breaking skincare collection designed exclusively to address common concerns that affect melanin-rich skin tones.
Backed by science, the lavish textures are formulated with Sodium Lactate & Potassium Lactate for intense moisturizing, Mediatone® for hyperpigmentation control, and Lavender extract for blemish-clear skin. Your collection comprises 5 high-end products, including revitalizing moisture cream, a youth-restoring overnight cream, corrective lift serum, & spa-quality body care products. Free from blemishes, hyperpigmentation & “ashy” look, we restore your dark skin to its radiant warmth. 

  • Soothing Body Scrub

    $85 $59 Add to cart
  • Corrective Lift Serum

    $140 $70 Add to cart
  • Shea Nut Body Butter

    $80 $56 Add to cart
  • Tone-Correcting Hand & Body Lotion

    $58 $41 Read more
  • Revitalizing Moisturizing Cream

    $130 $65 Add to cart