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Dark Skin & Skincare:Why Melanin Matters

Dark skin tones get their rich, deep beauty from specialcells called Melanocytes. These cells produce Melanosomes, which inturn synthesize an essential natural pigment – Melanin. Melanin plays avital role in protecting the skin from UV light, as it helps to absorb anddisperse solar radiation. Everyone has Melanosomes, but if you have a dark skintone, your Melanosomes are larger and more widely-distributed.

Each Dark & Beauty® product harnesses theabundant gifts of nature, fortifying herbs and minerals with cutting-edgepharmaceutical technology. These exclusive formulas are enhanced by superioringredients renowned for their exceptional ability to effectively treat commondark skin conditions, such as: 

Uneven Skin Tone: Causedby hyperpigmentation, when the skin produces too much pigment, creating darkspots, and hypopigmentation, when the color disappears, leavingbrightspots.

Infections & Blemishes: Darkskin can be more prone to blemishes, and when melanin is released to fight infections,it can create dark spots that are hard to erase.

Acne: Tends to develop at alater age in dark skin complexion, and can have serious consequences, suchas scarring (keloids) and severe pigmentation.

Ashy Skin: Darkskin often develops dry, irritated patches with a scaly, flakyappearance that looks like dandruff, especially on the arms, elbows, andfeet. This is because dark skin's upper layers have a faster turnover thanlighter skin. As these dead cells are lighter in color, they really stand outagainst dark skin tones.

Tone-Correcting Hand and Body Lotion
DARK AND BEAUTY COLLECTION TONE-CORRECTING HAND AND BODY LOTION 100ml Moisturizes and balances skin toneFor Dark Skin This bio-active formula delivers essential moisture to the entire body with Sodium Lactate, the ultimate hydrator, for feeling of total freshness.The blend of natural i..
Shea Nut Body Butter
DARK AND BEAUTY COLLECTION SHEA NUT BODY BUTTER 250ml Moisturizes and balances skin toneFor Dark Skin Relieve dry or ashy skin with the power of ultra-moisturizing Sodium Lactate and natural herbal ingredients.Rich formula moisturizes the body while treating hyperpigmentation and imbal..
Youth Restoring Overnight Cream
DARK AND BEAUTY COLLECTION YOUTH-RESTORING OVERNIGHT CREAM 50ml Nightly treatment encourages renewalFor Dark Skin•Persuade skin cells to regenerate while you sleep and display a more youthful appearance.•Repair and renew the skin while sleeping. This night-recovery complex with hy..
DARK AND BEAUTY COLLECTION CORRECTIVE LIFT SERUM 30ml Skin treatment encourages youthful elasticity For Dark SkinProvides the right moisture balance for each facial skin zone with one formula, enriched with hydration-maximizing Potassium Lactate.This powerful serum contains a..
DARK AND BEAUTY COLLECTION REJUVENATING GEL PEEL 50ml Moisturizing treatment immediately conditions skinFor Dark Skin  This exfoliation gel removes old skin cells and provides optimal, essential hydration with Sodium Lactate, nourishing skin layers and encouraging regeneration. Th..
DARK AND BEAUTY COLLECTION SOOTHING BODY SCRUB 300ml Reveals younger, more vibrant skin withinFor Dark Skin  Removes impurities and decongests clogged pores for a youthful, radiant look.Dramatically polishes and energizes all skin types. Smooth away rough spots (especially over e..
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